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I don’t update my tumblr so much, but that does not mean things are not happening. The last ten days have been busy. From summer back to fall in a few hours.

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Highland Greetings

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Apparently one side is Europe and the other is North America. Semantics. 

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grjótagrænn. It probably doesn’t make any sense, but neither does the land. 

9 Jul 2014 4 notes "The birth of a universe" or "Saturday afternoon out my office window." 

"The birth of a universe" or "Saturday afternoon out my office window." 

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Summers are cloudy. 

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If you have been following my Tumblr and like my streetlight images, you might be interested to know that I have an exhibition opening tomorrow the 14th of June at 3pm at the National Museum of Iceland (Þjóðminjasafn Íslands). I will just be showing four images, but they are very large! There will be a book as well, though that is not ready yet. The work will be on display until January 2015. You can find out more about the show here: http://www.thjodminjasafn.is/english/temporary-exhibitions/scheduled-exhibitions/nr/4276

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I am always looking at mountains. 

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